alhamdulillah ya…ternyata Indonesia bener2 Hebat punya wahan bermain yang sangng….aaaaatttt…. Keren….Seru…

Jujur semenjak pertama kali ke sini ….TakJuB….

Gratisan bareng sama saudara waktu SD….biasa perpisahan kelas….


SaMpAi kapanpun…PasTi Mau Mau Mau Mau Lagi…

semua wahana …terutama yang menegangkan ….


Sebenarnya mau tahu ga sich…tHe HisTorY of this WonDerFuL GaMe ZoNe….

check it out….

Dunia Fantasi Jakarta


Dunia Fantasi (”Fantasy World” or “Fantasy Land”) is a fun and theme park designed to entertain the visitors into the fascinating worlds of modern science and technology.

A recent addition to Jakarta’s growing recreation facilities is the Fantasy Land, a 9.5 hectares (23.75 acres) entertainment park located inside the Ancol Dreamland. Planned to eventually become a part of a 200-hectares (500-acres) park designed to usher the visitors into the fascinating world of modern science and technology, the present facility takes them on an imaginative tour of Old Jakarta, Africa, America, Indonesia, Europe, Asia and the Palace of Dolls.

Each of the areas is designed to give the visitor a feel of the region he is visiting through features and architecture of the area at a certain period of its history and by the use of animated puppets in the Palace of Dolls.


to be countiinued….

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