Speaking Class_Cawu 2

Held by :

Miss Widi

Created by :

Reni Rose”Dede”Sahril H

2 D



A place where anyone or many people can share for their plan about same topic and it sometimes especially when we are going to celebrate an event or discuss a problem.



It depends on the participant who joined with this and the material and it almost for business topic (formal topics).

Example : ~ meeting for how to promote a product

~ meeting between headmaster and all staff included parents, etc.


It usually talk about a simple topic and it closed with a familial relationships for each other along the time. (maybe for the participant, they feel more relax,,,)

Example : ~ meeting about travel holiday between a company with their employers.

~ etc.


All the parts we have to keep in hold before the meeting is going to started.

Example : ~ make an announcement and invitation ( including time, place, purpose,…)

~ make an agenda that will be told during the meetings.

( including who’s going to be the moderator, speaker, until the participant,,,)

~ get ready for the place will be used with all the properties.

* Announcement __ likes by paper on the announcement board, e-mail, etc.

* Invitation __ it can be likes a letter, with in it including time, place, purpose,,

* Agenda __ all parts of the event, the rules of meeting, and also the results.


1. The moderator open the meeting after all participant have attend to the room, saying thanks for their coming and pray then read the agenda to them.

2. The leader of meeting begin the meeting until make a decision.

3. During the meeting the participant can submit their opinion if it is needed.

4. And during the meeting the recorder or secretary write the points about the topic.

5. After they get the same agreement of that topic, the recorder or secretary reads the results or summary in front of of forum.

6. Then moderator may close the meeting.


It is the way to interrupt like agree or disagree about the statement in the meetings or if anyone wants to give their ideas.

It may be taken politely and important to make the position in the debate’s meeting clear. Based on the leader’s permission to talk and say the statement to forum or by waiting if the time of discuss’ opened.



z Miss Reni Ê

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Good Morning

Thankful for our Allah that we can sit together here also thank you very much for all the participants who spend your times to attend this meetings. So for the beginning let’s we pray and say “basmallah…

z And for this time, I want to tell the agenda, here they are …..

~ Opening _ Moderator _ Miss Reni

~ Opening (the meetings) _ Leader _ Mr. Sahril

~ Meetings _ Leader / Speaker _ Mr. Sahril / Mrs. Widi

~ Discuss _ Share Idea / Opinion ( interruption ) _ the participants

~ Summary _ Secretary / Recorder _ Miss Dede

~ Closing _ Moderator _ Miss Reni

z OK. Let’s begin this meeting, for Mr. Sahril please in your time…


> Mr. Sahril Ê

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Good Morning

In this time, we are going to talk about “How to promote and increase our product to customer ?”. As we know nowdays there are so many products come, so to get our existences let’s get our spirit stronger than before.

To Mrs. Widi, let start your presentation to forum please…..

> Mrs. Widi Ê

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Good Morning

Thank you for the occasion, Nowdays there are so many company who launch their new products. So as long as they haven’t yet get much profit let’s get that occasion to promote and increase our product and profit like them…..

Ok,, maybe that’s all from me,, thank you.

Wassalam Wr Wb

> Miss Reni Ê

Thank you for the explaination,,

Now we will open for our discuss who one of you wants to give the idea or asking something or maybe your opinion please…

> The Participants Ê

In the time of meetings

· Sorry before to pause the meeting, I thought it couldn’t be work if we have previously same with other company’s style….

· Pardon me, What the reason if we have to take this ways ?…..

Share Idea / Opinion / Interruption

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb / Good Morning

· Thanks for the time,,, I would like tell that after heared all the explaination of Mrs. Widi are so good but the most important is we must still commite with our style…..

· I have another idea for this promote how we’re going to use a classical advertisement than last, I think it would be fun and interest….


· Alright, that’s excellent… I could think that it can be succsed and give us some profit.

· For exactly, I feel real sure its way is different and better than others….

· Let’s do our plan and work hard for us…

· Etc.


· Beside your idea, I’m not really fine because it will spend a lot of money , so why we’re not taking my idea that we just change the layout and not for all items…..

· As we know that this condition is not give us any support to do it, it will make our company’s going to be down….

· I remember that there is the better way for us to promote this product, by recovering all the pictures of them….

· Etc.



Miss Dede Ê

~ Ok, Mr and Mrs,, let me to read the results of this meeting about our topic “How to promote and increase our products to customer ?”

Here it is ……

~ Here the summary that we will take the way to promote from….

~ Etc.


Miss Reni Ê

~ Alhamdulillah,,,,

Our meeting today, finally can finish well,,, And we hope all the results we can work it together and give us many useful things also good remarks for all, by always pray to Allah along our activities.

And unforgettable that our mistakes come from ourselves also the truth always come from Allah, please forgive us for anything and thank you very much for your participate and attention.

Let’s pray and say “ hamdallah…

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.

~ While the time is out,, that the signs we must to finish this meetings,, so based on all the things we get here we hope it will be succed……

~ Etc.

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