Beauty Gold Makie_Japan”Art…

Beauty of Gold Makie

The makie is a crafting technique from old days in Japan for more than a thousand and several hundreds years ago.
Use an urushi lacquer as an adhesive and sprinkle pure gold powders, pure gold leaves, silver powders complete it as a picture on a various adornment, therefore called maki-e(sprinkled-picture).The makie was refined over time and became the gorgeous art, craft peculiar to Japan.
To make the highest grade makie, heap up the picture pattern with the urushi lacquer or the charcoal powders and draw the picture pattern again with the urushi lacquer as an adhesive and sprinkle gold powders on top and draw with the urushi lacquer more, then polish up the picture pattern.
By repeating such process many times, the makie has the picture pattern with gorgeous delicate three-dimensional impression.

The contrast between the warm moist skin touch of the urushi lacquer and the cold feeling of gold and silver creates a marvelous harmony of the makie.

The makie art works on our store were created by traditional craftsman Sanao Matsuda



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