5 Highest Bungee Jumpings…

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hoto: Molas

The zany chaps from Britain’s Dangerous Sports Club made the first modern bungee jump from Bristol’s 245-foot (75 m) Clifton Suspension in 1979. Yet since bungee jumping became commercial at the hands of elastic-thinking New Zealand entrepreneur A J Hackett, the heights from which the man on the street can now leap with nothing but a giant rubber band attached to his ankles have just got bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Here are the highest jumps from fixed objects to date. Steel yourself for some vertiginous views.

5. Europabrücke Bridge, Austria – 630 feet (192 m)
Photo: basheem

Standing 630 feet (192 m) high, and supporting the Brenner Autobahn that links Austria and Italy across the Alps, the Europabrücke Bridge was Europe’s highest from 1963 until it was topped out by France’s Millau Viaduct in 2004. Make no mistake, though: just standing on the edge of this structure, let alone thinking about jumping from it, would be enough to make many feel sick with giddiness.

Photo via Sillpark

Once you’ve had those ties wrapped securely round your ankles, it’s a quick look at the alpine panorama around you and then a leap off the launch platform, your face turning to stretched rubber as the floor of the Wipp valley rushes towards you, before the bungee finally kicks in, leaving you bouncing like a rag doll on a piece of string – albeit a very grateful one.

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